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Our Team

Jazmine Tooles, PT, DPT has 10+ years’ experience as a licensed Physical Therapist who specializes in traumatic brain injury, and vestibular dysfunction. She is a trained Functional Work Capacity Evaluator and Tai Chi Instructor. As a lifetime Girl Scout, Dr. Tooles has extensive experience developing and hosting community events with up to 100 participants over the past 20 years and is the creator of the Physical Therapy patch program for scouts. Engaged in diversity initiatives since childhood, Dr. Tooles has 7+ years’ experience as a diversity, equity, inclusion consultant &/or committee chair. She currently teaches at Temple University & is a per diem therapist for MossRehab. Dr. Tooles has received APTA’s Emerging Leader Award, Girl Scouts Good Neighbor Community Award, & MossRehab’s Keeper of the Dream Award.


Maria Aguila, PT, DPT has 22+ years’ experience as a licensed Physical Therapist with over 14 years owning an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic that services underrepresented communities. Dr. Aguila also has extensive experience in marketing, serving on the executive board of non-profits and a founding officer of the FUTURE Foundation. She is an Adjunct Instructor at the Rutgers Newark DPT Program and Faculty for the Philippines based tDPT Program of the University of Montana/Rehab Essentials. Dr. Aguila is the recipient of APTA’s Societal Impact Award, Rutgers Most Distinguished Alumni and FEU-NRMF’s Most Outstanding in Career Achievement Award.

Our Volunteers

When you volunteer with Magic of Motion®, you’re giving children and their guardians one of the greatest gifts of all – your time. Whether leading a workshop, helping record health metrics or assisting in some other way, you’re helping improve health literacy and build connections amongst communities and the healthcare system. A special thank you to the individuals, care partners, and facilities listed below for their support of this program over the years.

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